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Norge, Kristiansand Internationell 8/5 2010
Domare Diogo Ramalho, Portugal (7+10)

NORD UCH Hisilome's Hilton
BH-2 R-CACIB NO UCH Noor Inca Alfa Romeo Visconti
BH-3 NORD UCH Al Wathba Tamm Abdul-Rafi
BH-4 CERT Elsto Atif-Khariz
BIM CACIB NO UCH Akira Av All Sighthounds
BT-2 R-CACIB NO UCH Dabka's Dina Nazmie
BT-3 SE UCH NO UCH Hisilome's Halawa
BT-4 CERT Courtborne Sinaxs Antilla

Juniorklass hanar
1-1 CK BH-4 CERT Elsto Atif-Khariz

Öppenklass hanar
1-1 CK Hisilome's Izaac
1-2 Vapours Jedi Qui-Gon
1-3 Seadis Frisco

Championklass hanar
1-1 CK BIR BIG-4 CACIB Hisilome's Hilton
1-2 CK BH-2 R-CACIB Noor Inca Alfa Romeo Visconti
1-3 CK BH-3 Al Wathba Tamm Abdul-Rafi

Juniorklass tikar
1-1 CK Japejukan No Empäs Tiijä
1-2 Elsto Afareen-Khariz

Unghundsklass tikar
1-1 CK BT-4 CERT Courtborne Sinaxs Antilla

Bruksklass tikar
1-1 CK Hisilome's Fariba

Championklass tikar
1-1 CK BIM CACIB Akira Av All Sighthounds
1-2 CK BT-2 R-CACIB Dabka's Dina Nazmie
1-3 CK BT-3 Hisilome's Halawa
1-4 El-Adini Maryam
1-5 Hirondelle De Lunduki

Veteranklass tikar
1-1 CK Barakisch Narm Xubi de Lunduki [BIR VETERAN]

CERT Elsto Atif-Khariz

CERT Courtborne Sinaxs Antilla

BIR VETERAN Barakisch Narm Xubi de Lunduki

BIG-4 Hisilome's Hilton

BIR Hisilome's Hilton BIM Akira Av All Sighthounds