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Norge, Hellerud Nationell 7/2 2015
Domare Pedro Sanches Delerue, Portugal
Antal deltagande hundar: 4+6, 2+1 valpar)

BIR BIG N SE UCH NV-13 Khalils Tarab
BH-2 N UCH Vapours Lalibelah
BH-3 CERT CHAMPIONAT Mazrae Gangall Cala Marsal
BIM C.I.B NORD UCH NJV-12 NV-12 DKV-14 Dabkas Michelle
BT-2 NORD UCH Sinaxs Caliana
BT-3 N LCCH Courtborne Chara Mar Chenit
BT-4 CERT Mazrae Gangall Cala Anguila

Valpklass hanar
1 Sharwassim Cajib [BIM VALP]
2 Badavie Xantino

Valpklass tikar
1 Amasoneland's Morgenstemning [BIR VALP]
Juniorklass hanar
EXC-1 Sinaxs Damir

Öppenklass hanar
EXC-1 CK BH-3 CERT CHAMPIONAT Mazrae Gangall Cala Marsal

Championklass hanar
EXC-1 CK BIR BIG Khalils Tarab
EXC-2 CK BH-2 Vapours Lalibelah

Juniorklass tikar
VG-1 YazYasirah's Ayishah

Öppenklass tikar
EXC-1 CK BT-4 CERT Mazrae Gangall Cala Anguila

Championklass tikar
EXC-1 CK BIM Dabkas Michelle
EXC-2 CK BT-2 Sinaxs Caliana

Veteranklass tikar
EXC-1 CK BT-3 Courtborne Chara Mar Chenit [BIR VETERAN]
EXC-2 CK Caravan Yaz Yasirah